Parts On Demand introduceert PA11GF Black

Parts On Demand introduces PA11GF Black

The glass-filled 3D printing material for high-performance parts

3D printing technology offers numerous opportunities and benefits for various industries and sectors. One of the key factors affecting the quality and performance of 3D printed parts is the material used. Flam3D member Parts On Demand is acting on this with their new PA11GF Black for SLS printing technology.

“The terminator among 3D printing materials” – as the Utrecht-based printing company calls the material itself – is more wear-resistant, black through-and-through, more mechanically resilient and is also extracted from a renewable resource: the castor bean. The Utrecht-based company often 3D-prints parts for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, and therefore meets the needs of these markets with the material.

Glass-filled materials are generally stronger and more wear-resistant due to the glass particles that reinforce the polymer chains. They retain their size and shape even at high temperatures. In addition, PA11GF Black offers superior detail reproduction and is capable of producing sophisticated parts.

PA11GF Black is an attractive choice for those looking for high-performance and durable 3D printed parts with an impressive black appearance. On 29 March 2023, the company will present the innovative material for the first time at the AM for Production exhibition in the Brabanthallen, ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL).

Would you like to find out more about the 3D printing material? Then be sure to click through to Parts On Demand’s website for more details.

“Our strength is that we have so much experience with SLS 3D printing that we can develop not only the materials but also the associated parameters”

Neil Van Es, CEO Parts On Demand