Raise3D announces the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit for Pro3 series 3D printers

Raise3D announces the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit for Pro3 series 3D printers

A new era in FFF professional 3D printing. Flam3D member Raise3D introduces a breakthrough in FFF professional 3D printing, with the launch of a Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit (HUK3) for its Pro3 series 3D printers.


In the wake of developing high print speed for the RMF500, Raise3D managed to apply its lessons to its Pro3 series printers, achieving a speed 3.8 times faster than the best professional printer currently on the market.

Initially, the kit is available for the Pro3 series dual extrusion 3D printer, which requires the entire Raise3D ecosystem – hardware, software and filament – to be modified. The hyper-speed solution is partly protected by Raise3D’s existing patents.

Competitive arena

Raise3D’s analysis of the current competitive arena in the professional market is that with the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit, the Pro3 series’ current lead in technology becomes even more obvious. This is an opportunity for the Flam3D member to take the FFF market to the next level and significantly expand its current customer base, which is necessary to fulfil its ambitious development plan. For these reasons, it has been decided to make the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit for the Pro3 series, or HUK3 for short, available at an affordable price until the end of the year.


The results achieved by installing the HUK3 on the Pro3 series and using filaments from the high-speed line of filaments are impressive and set it apart from all other professional printers:

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One of the challenges Raise3D faced in pursuing higher speed was the limitation that came from the fluidity of the filaments. When the print speed increases by a factor of 4, the filament has a very short time to melt from solid to molten state. Raise3D and their partners worked together to solve this challenge and are now launching two new filament lines for high-speed printing: the Hyper Speed and the Hyper Core.

The Hyper Speed line will initially have PLA and ABS available, but other materials, such as PETG, PC, ASA and ESD-safe, are already in the pipeline for launch. In 2023, the Hyper Core line will also launch its first filament, PPA CF, a carbon fibre-reinforced composite filament with superior heat resistance, strength and stiffness.

To increase the number of materials available to their customers, the Flam3D member will now invite filament manufacturers to participate in a specific new phase of their Open Filament Program (OFP), focused on high-speed filaments.

Additive productivity, ROI and batch size

The application of the Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit to Pro3-series printers makes it possible to achieve speeds averaging 3.8 times faster than the current best professional printer available on the market. According to Raise3D’s calculations, the productivity increase is such that 3D printing service providers can recoup their investment in Pro3-series printers within weeks.

Increased productivity will also have a significant impact on traditional manufacturing processes, such as injection moulding and CNC, especially when the manufactured part is subject to frequent or regular design changes.

With an increased productivity of more than 3 times, the all-in cost of a Pro3 series printer becomes extremely affordable compared to the usual price of even just the tools needed in other manufacturing processes. This, together with the complete flexibility offered by additive manufacturing, now makes FFF 3D printing very competitive as a production method, even for large batches and will make print farms/print factories increasingly common.


The HUK3 includes software upgrades, 2 high-flow Pro3 hot-ends, a smart automatic frequency calibrator, a coil of Hyper Speed PLA and a coil of Hyper Speed ABS.

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For customers who already own or will buy Pro3-series printer(s) and HUK3 until 31 December 2022, the following exceptional offer applies.

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The Hyper Speed will also be available for the RMF500, the industrial printer designed for rapid production of large end-use composite parts, and Raise3D is now also working to make it available for the other printers in their portfolio that have the same mechanics as the Pro3 series.

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