10XL, winner of the RapidPro Award 2018

RapidPro Award 2019 rewards ‘Materials for Additive Manufacturing’.

RapidPro, the largest 3D-print trade fair with congress in the Benelux, will again take place in Veldhoven next March. During the fair an award will also be handed out: the RapidPro Award. The award is intended to reward participants who made a contribution with a big impact in the field of ‘Materials for Additive Manufacturing’.

There are no restrictions on the nature of the materials: metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, foodstuffs or programmable materials are all admissible for participation in the competition. RapidPro wants to support the Additive Manufacturing industry through this initiative. After all, the development of materials is fundamental to the success of the Additive Manufacturing industry and all other RapidPro stakeholders.

The competition is open to companies, knowledge institutes and (student) project teams. The participants will eventually be able to present their submissions (material or application) at RapidPro 2019, where they will be judged by an independent jury consisting of a team of material experts and high-profile professionals in the field of Additive Manufacturing. This jury will then decide which project has delivered the most relevant impact in the field of materials development.

In addition to the RapidPro Award, the winner will ultimately also receive €1000 (to be spent on Mikrocentrum products), and a great deal of exposure and advertising for the project or product in various media channels.

Participants should register before the 1st of December 2018. This can be done by contacting Tom Wessels of Mikrocentrum (organizer of RapidPro) via e-mail or via +31 40 2969922 for registration or more information. The submission should consist of a business case or study case of the contribution in the field of materials, with documentation of the process in photographs or videos (as far as possible) and a (physical) representation of the material.