Rejig puts additional focus on maintenance: “independence from end users crucial to strengthen AM ecosystem”

Rejig, Dennis Vandenbussche’s Belgian AM consulting company, has long offered maintenance and spare parts for LPBF machines as an independent maintenance partner. The Flam3D member recently announced that maintenance services will be a key focus area within their service offering. How exactly this works, you can read below.

Maintenance is by no means new for them, Reijg has been providing maintenance services to their customers for quite some time and they have built up extensive expertise in the meantime, but it is becoming a spearhead for Rejig. Dennis Vandenbussche, AM consultant at Reijg, notes, “A number of large OEMs are struggling to serve their entire installed base and put their focus on the latest generation of machines. This is a legitimate choice, but for companies with older, still-functioning machines, it is more difficult to find appropriate maintenance at correct prices. It’s those companies, often SMEs, that we’d like to help with our expertise, both with maintenance and with spare parts or even complete retrofits.”

So in addition to AM consulting and the marketing of the S100 machine (the large-format SLS machine that, thanks to Materialise Bluesint technology, is able to reuse much more PA12 powder), maintenance is the third leg in the Rejig portfolio.

Dennis Vandenbussche recently brought RS Print/Materialise Motion veteran Tom Peeters on board as product manager. Peeters is happy to be back in the AM sector, but is not blind to the challenges in the industry: “end users are too often dependent on imposed machine settings, limited freedom in material choices and maintenance that is not tailored to their needs. We hope to provide an answer to that with Rejig.” Dennis Vandenbussche adds that greater end-user independence in machinery, materials and maintenance can be a catalyst for series production of functional parts with AM.

Rejig will soon be at Formnext (hall 12.1, booth A109) with its own booth to introduce itself to the international audience. “We hear from various quarters that there is a great need for independent maintenance partners, whether as an additional alternative to traditional maintenance channels or not. At Formnext, we can enter into conversation with a very wide range of end users, but equally with the OEMs themselves,” concludes Dennis Vandenbussche.