Infoavond metaalprinten

Sixth edition of the info evening Metal printing

Together with Vlamef/ Metaal Info, Flam3D organised the sixth edition of the info evening “Metal printing” on 15 October. It was an interesting evening with a nice overview of 3D printing in metal. On this page you can download the different presentations.

Metal printing used to be the ideal technology for functional prototypes. Nowadays, the technology is already considered as a fully-fledged production technology. Since 3D printing in metal has known an evolution, we thought it would be desirable to collect and share information and knowledge about metal printing. This is exactly what happened: on 15 October, in collaboration with Vlamef/ Metaal Info, we organised the sixth edition of the information evening “Metal printing”. This took place at Aqtor! in Oostakker. It was an interesting evening with a general, contemplative and technical explanation, after which various concrete business cases were presented. In this way, the evening could inform participants about the offer, the possibilities and obstacles of printing in metal.

In short, the evening gave a good overview of the possibilities and challenges of Additive Manufacturing in metal and enabled participants to think about the application of this technology in their company.

Download the different presentations here:Infoavond metaalprinten