Shared Assets Tech2B

Smart Delta Drechtsteden and Shared Asset consortium launch pilot for sharing machinery and expertise via digital platform

The Drechtsteden-Gorinchem region is known for its close-knit cluster of manufacturing industry, with a high density of SMEs and a relatively tight ecosystem, mainly focused on the maritime and offshore sector. Today, Smart Delta Drechtsteden, Duurzaamheidsfabriek, InnovationQuarter and the Shared Assets consortium are joining their network on the digital platform Tech2B. A place where manufacturing companies, start-ups and scale-ups from the region can exchange their assets. Over 4,000 companies are already connected, making a place on the platform your gateway to capacity, machines, equipment, tooling, test facilities and knowledge.

Shared Assets Platform

Tech2B’s Shared Assets Platform offers SMEs in the manufacturing industry flexible, accessible and cost-effective access to the use of (complex) production processes. Manufacturing companies and production facilities can generate revenue by offering flexible capacity on their assets through the platform or by using the platform as a portal for supply and demand. The application distinguishes itself by, among other things, providing insight into the capacity of organizations at the asset level and by making assets easily available to multiple (local) companies. These companies can then be close to the process themselves to make (investment) trade-offs.

Tech2B is a fast-growing company that has developed a platform for connecting supply and demand in the manufacturing industry. It now has more than 5,000 active users (manufacturing companies) in the Netherlands and is now also growing internationally. Through the platform, more than 420,000 manufacturing companies can currently be found across Europe based on specific processes, competencies, sector and location.

A stronger regional manufacturing industry through economic impact

The consortium has a twofold vision for creating economic impact in the Drechtsteden region. First, manufacturing companies, start-ups and scale-ups from the region can make cost-effective use of innovative technology to improve their products and/or processes. They can share assets (machines, equipment, tooling, test facilities, knowledge, etc.) with each other via the platform. Both manufacturing companies and service providers such as engineering firms can link supply and demand and stimulate innovation and cooperation. Making asset availability transparent can have great added value for the regional manufacturing industry because it can increase the flexibility, cost effectiveness and innovation of production processes.

Second, with this project, the consortium aims to contribute to the further development of the Smart Campus Leerpark in Dordrecht. As pioneers of the Smart Campus Leerpark, the Municipality of Dordrecht and Da Vinci College have great ambitions for the hotspot, including in the area of Smart Industry and supporting the regional manufacturing industry. With the arrival of the ‘Maakfabriek’, where 1000 to 1500 m² of space will be made available mainly for scale-ups in the manufacturing industry, supporting these types of companies will become an important success factor for acquisition and retention in the region.

Support for regional manufacturing industry

The Shared Assets Platform aims to support SMEs, startups and scale-ups in the regional manufacturing industry. This is achieved in part by offering low-threshold and flexible capacity on innovative, complex and/or automated production processes. The platform also offers asset owners a flexible shell to increase their turnover and mitigate investment risks. In addition, it examines where companies need support in the areas of process knowledge and talent development. Local and regional manufacturing companies will be more concretely connected to services and facilities offered by partners at the Smart Campus Leerpark through the TechHub segment on the Tech2B platform.

See at a glance what the region has to offer

Jan Terlingen “With this initiative we are helping even more manufacturing companies in the region, as a connector and as an inquiry point. We realize that many companies are facing major challenges in which a central location can help them take important steps with regard to digitization and meeting new partners. Findability is crucial here. Together with Tech2B, Digitalzh offers manufacturing companies a direct link to the most important field labs in South Holland and strengthens our position as partners in digitization and automation.”

By offering companies services and co-financing opportunities that support them in digitalization, Digitalzh manages to bridge the gap between supply and demand in the manufacturing industry every time. The TechHub will strengthen these connections and make companies more findable. Sjors Hooijen, CEO Tech2B: “Our platform is intuitive and works on the basis of smart algorithms. You create a profile, are automatically connected to the Digitalzh TechHub and see at a glance what the region has to offer.