Start to 3D Print

Start to 3D Print: Attendees discover the potential of 3D printing for their organisation

Companies are increasingly considering taking the step towards 3D printing but often run into several issues. Issues for which no simple answer is available and where expert advice comes in handy. This was the approach for the Start to 3D Print evening organised by Flam3D in cooperation with Industrialfairs. This edition took place in Wevelgem where host Seido Systems opened their showroom for the event.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is increasingly a technology that can be added to the list of options available to any manufacturing company. The Start to 3D Print event aims to capitalise on this and introduce visitors to 3D printing. During this unique event, visitors will get a comprehensive overview of the many possibilities regarding 3D printing.

Because AM can be a complicated matter, the event presented the technolgy as amenably as possible to the attentive audience using concrete company cases and practical examples from some Flam3D members: BuhlmannKIAMCORösler Benelux, Metal Technics 3D en Seido Systems. This will shed light on when 3D printing may or may not make sense within an organisation.

Besides the knowledge gained, there was also ample opportunity for networking after the presentations while enjoying some snacks and an educational tour. This gave the attendees an impression of the technology and how it can help them decide whether 3D printing can support a more efficient, cheaper and/or better production process at their premises.

Did you miss the evening or would like to revisit the presentations? Then download them here: