Surface treatment and Additive Manufacturing to grow in harmony with each other

Vereniging ION and Flam3D have become members of each other. This is more than a pro forma agreement; both organisations recognise the increasing importance of suitable surface treatment for a growing Additive Manufacturing sector and want to work on bringing together these areas of expertise.

Vereniging Industrieel Oppervlaktehandelend Nederland (Vereniging ION) is the sector organisation for everyone active in the surface treatment industry: applicators (contractors), suppliers and integrated companies. ION is active for all substrates. These include chemical and/or mechanical pre-treatment, electroplating, enamelling, powder coating, (wet) lacquering, anodising, hot-dip galvanising, metal preservation, PVD/CVD, and much more.

In a first phase Flam3D wants to bring the knowledge and expertise concerning coatings and surface treatment, available within Vereniging ION, to the attention of its members. Vereniging ION, for example, already has an Additive Manufacturing Taskforce. In turn, ION wants to support the industry in developing a good coating for printed parts. To achieve this, cooperation with machine builders, OEMs, powder suppliers and designers is important. The cooperation enables the members to inform each other about relevant evolutions in both domains.

In addition, the two organisations intend to work together on the realisation of the week of surface technology 2018 (#WOT2018). Of course we also want to see how our organisations can further respond to the growing demand from both sectors.