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Upcoming AM-seminars by HP

In June, HP offers the opportunity to learn from home. During this month, the HP 3D team is running a series of webinars on various Additive Manufacturing topics. In this way, the organisation wants to give you the opportunity to stay up to date, even while working from home. The seminars will take place online at 9.30 AM and will be in English. During the webinars there will be a live chat with HP’s UK Applications Engineer, Maryam Qureshi, who can help with any questions. In addition, a general Q&A session will be held at the end of each webinar.

Below you will find more information and links to register. You are more than welcome to register for one or more webinars:

Discover in this webinar how HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers can be used in conjunction with CNC machines.

This webinar discusses the solutions that 3D printing can offer to solve the challenges that industrial applications can bring.

This webinar will explain all the important benefits that HP 3D printing technology can bring to End of Arm tooling for instance.

Discover more about the benefits of making the switch from traditional to digital manufacturing with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology in de prosthetics and orthotics industry.


HP offers 3D printers using the Multi Jet Fusion technology and is a member of Flam3D.