ValCUN Celebrates Important Milestone: First Minerva Printer Sold to Sirris

ValCUN, a leading innovator in aluminium Additive Manufacturing (AM), proudly announces the first sales of the Minerva Printer to Sirris, a recognized Belgian innovation center for industry. This marks a momentous step forward in the adoption of ValCUN’s Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) technology.

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The MMD process is a single-step metal deposition, using readily available off-the-shelf metal wire as feedstock, ensuring user-friendly operation and rapid implementation resulting in cost reduction 75% to more than 90% compared to other metal AM technologies. This opens the door towards industrial and serial production. MMD offers unmatched sustainability, with its energy efficiency, reduced waste and elimination of the need for toxic chemicals or powders. Because of its straight-forward post-processing (no need for de-binding, sintering, powder removal or HIP), MMD also offers exceptional time-to-part.

Sirris, renowned for its commitment to drive innovation forward has recognized the transformative potential of the MMD-based Minerva Printer. Minerva’s deployability, quality, and sustainability benefits align seamlessly with Sirris’ mission to foster innovation and provide cutting-edge solutions to its extensive network of 2500 industry partners. In addition, the Minerva Printer is focused on aluminum, a highly sought-after metal by industry that is under-served by existing AM processes despite the potential numerous industrial application.

Jonas Galle, CEO of ValCUN, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to announce this collaboration with Sirris. Their expertise in technological research and development perfectly complements the groundbreaking capabilities of our Minerva Printer and its MMD technology. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in the world of Advanced Manufacturing. The industrial network of Sirris will be of the first ones in the world to explore and benefit this technology”

The Minerva Printer opens up new horizons for industrial applications ranging from structural components to heat exchangers and manifolds, offering a deployable, easy-to-use and sustainable production solution. Its cost effectiveness appeals to a diverse range of industries seeking to embrace aluminum AM.

ValCUN’s team of experts will support Sirris in adopting the Minerva Printer and to provide valuable insights. ValCUN and Sirris will join forces in research projects to further develop the MMD technology, aiming to address specific industrial challenges and unlock additional value for the industry. Together, they will work towards harnessing its transformative potential and providing valuable solutions for various industrial needs.

Jan De Pauw (left) and Jonas Galle (right)