ValCUN Introduces Minerva at Formnext 2023: A Game-Changer in Aluminum Additive Manufacturing

ValCUN, a leading innovator in metal additive manufacturing, is set to make a groundbreaking appearance at Formnext 2023, the renowned international trade fair for Additive Manufacturing. ValCUN’s spotlight innovation is the Minerva printer, based on ValCUN’s proprietary Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) technology.

The Minerva printer marks a huge step forward in aluminum AM. Driven by a determined commitment to innovation, ValCUN has created a deployable, sustainable and cost-effective system that will disrupt aluminum production.

ValCUN’s Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) technology, inspired by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), allows metal to be deposited in a single step process, using off-the-shelf metal as feedstock. MMD reduces lead times and provides on-demand manufacturing. This sustainable technology is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals or metal powders.

Attendees of Formnext 2023 will have the exclusive opportunity to witness the unveiling of the Minerva Machine. ValCUN’s team of experts will be on site to demonstrate the machine and answer questions about the technology and its applications.

Jonas Galle, CEO of ValCUN, noted: “The Minerva Machine represents a monumental achievement in our ongoing journey of innovation. We are excited to showcase this groundbreaking technology at Formnext 2023 and illustrate how it can reshape the future of metal Additive Manufacturing.”

ValCUN cordially invites all Formnext 2023 attendees, industry professionals and enthusiasts to visit its booth E32 Hall 12.0 to explore the Minerva Machine and delve deeper into its transformative potential for a multitude of industries.

For more information about ValCUN and its participation at Formnext 2023, please visit their website or contact Jan De Pauw.

ValCUN’s Minerva aluminium 3D printer that will be revealed on Formnext 2023