ValCUN Printer Pre Orders

ValCUN to Start Pre-Orders for its Deployable Metal 3D Printer in RAPID-TCT

Belgium-based ValCUN, a developer of metal 3D printers, has announced it will start taking pre-orders for its upcoming Minerva printer at RAPID-TCT in Chicago on May 2nd 2023.

Minerva, utilizing ValCUN’s proprietary Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) technology, is expected to disrupt the metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) market by enabling rapid and cost-effective production of parts on-demand and is suitable for distributed manufacturing environments.

Metal AM presents a significant opportunity to disrupt supply chain and logistics by enabling on-demand, localized production. However, existing metal AM technologies have presented challenges, including safety risks, cumbersome post-processing, and high capital costs, preventing wider adoption of metal AM. ValCUN’s MMD technology solves these challenges by using wire as the feedstock, delivering a deployable, safe, and easy-to-use metal printer that delivers near-net-shape metal parts.

“We are excited to announce the start of pre-orders for our disruptive, deployable metal 3D printer,” said Jonas Galle, CEO and Co-Founder of ValCUN. “Customers are stressing the need for an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy solution that reduces post-processing and time-to-part, while remaining cost effective. We are glad to announce that the MMD technology delivers just that and are looking forward to supporting our customers in their metal AM utilization”.

ValCUN, backed by several private investors, has previously received funding from ESA, the European Union, and the Flemish government. The company has already received several LOIs from manufacturing and research institutes in Europe and abroad.  

The Minerva printer is expected to be in high demand for universities, research institutes and innovation-driven companies and will focus on aluminum and high-strength alloys.

“I have been following aluminum 3D printing technology for over 20 years, and with ValCUN technology, I believe for the first time that this 3D print technology can disrupt the industrial aluminum market.“

Piet D’Haeyer, CEO Pedeo

For more information, please visit ValCUN’s website at or book directly a one-on-one meeting with ValCUN at Rapid-TCT.


Jan De Pauw, CTO & Co-founder


Jonas Galle, CEO & Co-founder

ValCUN founders: Jan De Pauw & Jonas Galle (from left)