ValCUN to Unveil Minerva Printer and Printhead Innovations at Formnext 2023

ValCUN, an innovator in metal additive manufacturing (AM), is set to create a furor at Formnext 2023, the leading global trade show for AM. ValCUN will unveil its game-changing solutions: the Minerva Printer and the Minerva Printhead, as well as a range of stunning printed parts.

The Minerva Printer: ValCUN is set to introduce the Minerva Printer, a significant leap forward in metal AM. The Minerva Printer offers unmatched deployability, sustainability and cost-effective metal printing. Minerva utilizes ValCUN’s proprietary Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) technology,

The Minerva Print Head: The Minerva Print Head enhances the user’s flexibility and freedom to operate. The printhead can be implemented on robotic arms, gantry systems, in production facilities or in-line with other fabrication technologies.

Molten Metal Deposition (MMD) Technology: MMD achieves single-step metal deposition, a long-awaited breakthrough akin to Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) but with metals. This well-known process employs readily available off-the-shelf metal wire as feedstock, ensuring user-friendly operation and rapid implementation. The Minerva Printer and the Minerva Print Head are currently focusing on Aluminum, a highly sought-after metal by industry that is currently under-served by existing AM processes. The nature of the process also enables printing of high-strength aluminum allots, such as 6XXX series and 7XXX series.

MMD offers unmatched sustainability, with its energy efficiency, reduced waste and elimination of the need for toxic chemicals or powders. Because of its straight-forward post-processing (no need for de-binding, sintering, powder removal or HIP), MMD also offers exceptional time-to-part.

ValCUN’s team of experts will be at Formnext 2023 to demonstrate the Minerva Printer and Minerva Print Head. The team is looking forward to providing additional information and discussing the use cases & Applications for this disruptive technology.

Jonas Galle, Co-Founder and CEO of ValCUN, is excited about the event, “The Minerva Printer, the Minerva Print Head and our beautiful printed parts are the highlight of our innovation journey. We are committed to delivering cost-effective, deployable, environmentally friendly metal printing solutions and we invite Formnext 2023 attendees to visit our booth, witness these disruptive innovations firsthand and explore their transformative potential for various industries.”

ValCUN cordially invites all Formnext 2023 attendees, industry professionals and enthusiasts to visit its booth E32 Hall 12.0 to explore and delve deeper into its transformative potential for a multitude of industries.

For more information about ValCUN and its participation at Formnext 2023, please visit or contact Jan De Pauw.

ValCUN Team