VIVES University challenges: Metal 3D Challenge

VIVES University College challenges creative designers to develop an innovative design for metal printing. With the ‘Metal 3D Challenge’, VIVES confirms its pioneering role in the field of metal printing. VIVES is the only university college in Flanders that has an LBM metal printer (SLM 125HL). The printer is housed in the ‘Makelab’ on the Kortrijk campus.

3D printing in metal is a highly innovative technology that makes it possible to design complex, yet light and strong objects. As a result, this technology now finds its way into many different markets such as prototyping, jewellery, medical implants and functional parts. The possibilities are endless and designers can let their technicity run free. VIVES therefore expects the same from the participants in the Metal 3D Challenge.

Do you have a creative and unique idea? Then submit your digital design as a 3D file and you might soon be able to take your printed model home as the winner of the Metal 3D Challenge. Entries are open to the widest possible audience in the Benelux, divided into categories such as third degree secondary education, higher education, companies and private individuals/makers/fablabs. You can register via this link.

Making technology of the future

3D printing (additive manufacturing or AM) is considered the manufacturing technology of the future. The printing of plastics is now well established and is used for both prototypes and functional products. However, plastics often do not meet the required material properties (mechanical, temperature resistance, etc.) for functional parts. Metal printing offers solutions for this, for example with the LBM metal printer (SLM/powderbed technology).

Smart Technologies Expertise Centre

VIVES specialises in product and mechanical engineering design. Thanks to many years of cooperation, Vives University College has a thorough knowledge of the current tools and methods used in design and production. Researchers are strong in complex, efficient and smart design and production. VIVES has design and simulation software and a high-tech machine park with CNC machines, measuring lab equipped with material testing equipment, waterjet, high precision 3D scanner…

As a knowledge partner for the manufacturing industry, the university of applied sciences makes its expertise and accommodation available to companies to guide them in the first steps of this new technology, as well as the preparation and after-treatment. If you have any questions, you can contact the Smart Technologies expertise centre.