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Webinar 3D Printing in Automation and Machinery

On April 28th 2021, HP, together with Havatec, is hosting a webinar 3D Printing in Automation and Machinery: Explanation and Applications. The webinar will start at 10:00 a.m. and will cover how HP Multi Jet Fusion technology enables new and complex applications for the automation and machinery industry, resulting in cost and lead time savings.

Duygu Gunay (HP 3D Printing), Yves Jamers (HP 3D Printing), Teun Geerlings (Havatec) and Johan Immink (Havatec) will inform participants during the webinar about:

  • how Havatec uses HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and materials to manufacture durable and optimised 200 different part SKUs in their flower-bunching machinery, tested up to 5 million cycles;
  • the unique material attributes of PA11 that enable Havatec to 3D print robust and complex components making their final products easier to manufacture, assemble and maintain;
  • how the same technology and method can be used to design parts, reducing costs and time, enabing the same designs to go into production and saving engineering and production time.

Are you interested in the webinar? Register via this link.

HP offers 3D printers that use the Multi Jet Fusion technology and is a member of Flam3D.