Winnende ontwerpen Metal3d Challenge

Winning designs VIVES/Flam3D Metal3d Challenge ‘on tour’ through Europe

Ghent, 13 November 2019logo Flam3D

Winning designs from VIVES/Flam3D Metal3d Challenge on tour through Europe


On 19 November 2019, the three winning designs of the Metal3d Challenge will shine at no less than two trade fairs: Formnext and Welding Week. The initiative comes from VIVES Hogeschool and Flam3D and is part of the prize for the Metal3d Challenge that took place on 22 May. This way, the organisers offer the winners a stage at two of the biggest trade fairs and they are now represented in no less than two countries, Germany and Belgium.

A total of three designs will be in the spotlight at Formnext and Welding Week. These are the winning designs of the three categories ‘students, makers and companies’, for which the participants of the Metal3d Challenge could register last year. In the student category Tom Hubrecht and his team won with the ‘Silversplint’. This is a medical device that should give people with the Ehler-Danlos syndrome more stability in their fingers. The category makers is represented by the bicycle accessories of Brecht Halsberghe. They are adapter systems that allow you to change the saddle position of an aerodynamic bike from racing bike to triathlon bike “on the fly” and to quickly mount aero-bars for triathlon on a racing wheel. The optimised components for a weaving machine from Vandewiele shine in the corporate category.

The Metal3d Challenge was organised last year by Vives Hogeschool and Flam3D. Through the competition they challenged creative designers to develop an innovative idea for metal printing. A jury of experts such as 3D Print Magazine, Air Liquide, Atlas Copco, ESMA, Flanders Make, KU Leuven and Materialise chose a winning design for each of the three categories. The winners received, among other things, a print of their entry and the opportunity to let it travel along at various European trade fairs.

The duplicates of the winning designs can travel along thanks to the cooperation of the competition sponsors 3D Systems, Advanced Engineering, Air Liquide, ESMA, Materialise, Oerlikon, Renishaw and Voka West-Vlaanderen. Thanks to them, the winners and the importance of designing for metal 3D printing can still be put in the spotlight six months after the competition.

Wondering why these designs won the Challenge? Come and discover them at Formnext (Germany) or Welding Week (Belgium). VIVES and Flam3D are happy to explain what makes these designs suitable for metal 3D printing.


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