Digital Twin computeranalysis with MSC Software

Workshop ‘Solve problems with your 3D printing and printed parts’ by In Summa Innovation on May 9

Have you ever wanted to see how your printed part really will perform?
Or have you ever experienced deformation or cracking of your printed part and had no option but to simply solve it through trial-and-error?

This workshop by In Summa Innovation is the perfect opportunity to learn all about how to optimize your 3D printing process, improve the performance of your 3D printed parts. Whilst at the same time getting a comprehensive overview of the commonly available 3D printing solutions on the market!

This hands-on workshop will answer questions like;

  • What is a Digital Twin in Additive Manufacturing?
  • What are the solutions available?
  • How can I save money using a Digital twin of the product and the process?
  • How can I avoid a costly trial-and-error method and get a good quality part out of my printer?

But come prepared and ask one of our experts about your particular issue.

The ‘Lunch & Learn’ workshops are aimed at a small number of participants and give you the opportunity to watch a demonstration and take part in a hands-on session exploring the possibilities MSC Software’s simulation products represent. In this workshop solutions for all phases of additive manufacturing will be featured: from prototyping, through the production process, and finally product development.

Multiple additive manufacturing techniques will be addressed, with a special focus on the entire digital thread, from scanning to simulation of the final product design.

The workshop will take place on May 9 in Raamdonksveer.


12:30 Start with lunch – always a good way to start!
13:15 Start of Workshop session
13:30 What is a Digital Twin in Additive Manufacturing?
14:00 Start of Simufact Hands-on session
15:30 Start of first hands-on workshop for Apex + structural analysis; how does your part perform when you’ve printed it?
17:30 Wrap up with a chance to network with our experts and your con-colleagues over a well deserved drink

More information can be found at In Summa Innovation’s webpage.