AdditiveLab wins Formnext Startup Challenge 2019

Young Flemish firm wins Formnext Startup Challenge

Formnext is a leading global trade fair event for Additive Manufacturing (AM). Organized in Frankfurt yearly, with more than 600 exhibitors, 26.000 visitors of which 49% are international visitors – formnext acts as a hub of information for the AM world. During the fair, the big AM players show evolution in the AM field, latest trends, and their innovative solutions to complex problems. In addition to the industrial leaders, Formnext also gives an opportunity to several young, innovative startups to demonstrate their solution’s uniqueness by competing in Formnext’s Startup Challenge.

This year, it was AdditiveLab, a company with less than a year since its foundation, that has been announced as a winner of the renowned Formnext Startup Challenge award 2019. AdditiveLab was selected, by a jury of global key players experienced in AM technology and business growth, for its innovative approach to AM process simulation. AdditiveLab is a novel software solution for creating customized models for Additive Manufacturing process simulation. It enables users to simulate processes on scales ranging from micro-scale (scanning path) up to entire build configurations and helps to understand, predict and optimize manufacturing outcomes. With AdditiveLab, users can create their own simulation applications and automated workflows, and distribute them to design teams, manufacturing departments, test labs and customers.

AdditiveLab software is being developed by engineers and scientists with extensive experience in simulation and Additive Manufacturing. It is rigorously validated, extensively documented and scalable to run very fast on multi-core computers. Recognition from Formnext trade fair is for AdditiveLab an indication of the potential that lies in this company and its solutions. AdditiveLab’s co-founder Mariam Mir stated, “It is an immense honor to be selected as one of the winners by the Formnext Startup Challenge jury. Winning this challenge has given us a unique opportunity to demonstrate the power of our simulation solutions to the AM industry. We are excited to share our AM simulation expertise with the visitors, metal production teams and researchers at Formnext event looking for innovative solutions.” 

Interested? Visit the AdditiveLab team at Formnext in the Startup Area. You can also book a meeting in advance with the team via this link.